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Custom Jewelry, One-Of-A-Kind

Introduction to Customs

We believe in capturing the beauty of connection from memories, celebrating life’s moments bringing people together, to honoring one’s authenticity.

This is the heartbeat of our story. From your own unique love story to a special heirloom, bring your dream to life with a handmade custom commitment ring or fine jewelry piece.

Our custom jewelry capabilities range from making bespoke alterations to a collection piece, re-designing a makeover of an heirloom, to a one-of-a-kind piece from scratch - the possibilities are endless.

With each custom request, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service, thoughtfulness, and care.

At all times, we compose the inspiration of the spiritual meanings and alchemical properties of all materials applied.


Bring your very own dream to life by creating an exclusive piece from start to finish. Turn your vision into reality as you work one-on-one with Kris from the original concept, through the design process to final masterpiece.

Discover the creative journey to bring to life your unique creation through our expertise of design, sourcing unique gemstones and diamonds, to adding your personal details.

Making your custom piece with both meaning, memories, and self-expression of your own authenticity. See link to the Bespoke Form to fill out details on collaborating with us to create your custom piece.


Create a piece of jewelry like no other working one-on-on with Kris to create your dream piece.

Start with filling out the Bespoke Form followed by a private design consultation with Kris to discuss your inspiration, gemstones, and diamonds to manifest your one-of-a-kind design.

Through our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and fine jewelry design expertise your process is tailored just for you.

"Your vision of a dream piece,
manifested made just for you"


Each piece in our collection can be altered just for you.

From metal alloys – colored golds to platinum – , unique diamonds or gemstones, to the addition of side stones, adding additional pave, or an array of the smallest details, your piece can be altered to your preference.

All diamonds and gemstones can be obtained upon your request to an alternative cut, color, and carat size of your choice.

We can source a variety of beautiful diamonds or gemstones and guild you through personal design choices to bring your vision to life.

Engagement & Ceremony Rings


I’m so happy I chose Kris!

I had a specific idea in mind for the recreation of my wedding ring and I was incredibly grateful for Kris’s guidance in the process. I had limited experience working with jewelers and Kris’s professionalism was apparent from the beginning.

Albeit several states apart, our time working together was painless. She was prompt to reply when we were hashing out the minutiae of the ring design. Kris made creative recommendations along the way that added a sentimental touch that I’m forever grateful were implemented.

I’d recommend Kris in a heartbeat and I look forward to working with her on a future project!

As a LGBT couple it’s not easy to find rings that will match our individual styles. Most generic engagement rings cater to couples that really aren’t us.

Throughout the process, Kris respected my visions without compromising quality, design, and technical stability.

She is very professional and hands-on from the beginning to the end. As a watchmaker and working in the jewelry/luxury line profession for over 25 years, I can confidently say her craftsmanship is immaculate. So my fiancée and I “Pursued what captured our hearts“ the rings designed by Kris."