Kris Averi

Designed for resilience. Cherished for lifetimes.

Love always

We welcome you just as you are, in your authenticity, and unique expression of love.

We believe Love knows no bounds, limitations, or exceptions. It is all
inclusive, and so are we.

The Designer

Kris Harvey

Kris Marie Harvey was raised in the Northeast, setting the stage for her everlasting love of the natural world, spirituality, and all forms of design. Her artistic curiosity led her from her first jewelry class (at age 15) into a degree in Art and Design. After immersing herself in the industry, Kris decided to pursue a dream that began in that first class: to establish an independent jewelry brand.

Kris Averi was founded in 2017, originally under the name “Aetheria Jewel”. Through the brand, Kris weaves her many forms of inspiration into both her collections and bespoke pieces, staying true to her vision, design ethos, and craftsmanship. Since founding Kris Averi, she has created fashion collections and heirloom creations for clients, been featured in British Vogue, The New York Times, and been worn by celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper.

Kris is passionate about creating exclusive, uniquely elegant, and timeless jewelry while being inclusive to all forms of love. As a passionate supporter and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kris believes love transcends gender, identity, race, and culture.

This is her stand for love – always and in

Amor Vincit Omnia - Love Conquers All

Kris's Mission

I live in awareness and intention. I am open-hearted, creative, and courageous. I create unique beautiful jewelry, art, and authentic experiences for people, in expressing their love, and themselves. I do this with integrity, imagination, compassion, joy, passion, confidence, peace, and love. 

The Design Process

Nature Through Fine Design

We believe meaning can be found in everyday moments (in addition to the usual causes for celebration). Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere: nature, mythology, spirituality, ancient cultures, magic, classic art masterpieces, or modern architecture.

Our designs echo the beauty of the natural world, draw upon timeless symbolism of everlasting love, and distill meaning that is unique to you.

At Kris Averi, each piece is intended to inspire memories and myths of your very own. Together, we’ll leverage the unique properties of metals and gemstones to create innovative jewelry that is a part of your very own story.

All designs are crafted with recycled gold, ethically sourced materials, and high standards of quality control. Each piece is made with love in her own private studio and the heart of NYC’s Diamond District. We work with family-owned and-operated businesses, including casting companies, diamond and gemstone vendors, and stone setters.

Each creation is made with intention. We draw from the natural alchemy of materials while treasuring the passion of fine design and jewelry craftsmanship.

“There is no better Designer than Nature.”

Alexander McQueen

The Personalization

Bespoke by Design

Bring your story life. Join the creative process and make your very own, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Whether it’s a family heirloom redesign, an alteration of a made-to-order collection piece, or a jewelry piece created from scratch, we’re here to help turn your vision into a reality. Each custom experience with Kris
Averi is unique, with a design and delivery process tailored to your needs.

We believe that each custom piece is destined to be treasured through generations, creating memories that bring people together for love. Discover what custom jewelry means for you and yours.

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"Exclusively & Eternally Inclusive"

Our commitment to stand behind all love, always.


A Commitment to Sustanability

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability in all matters of ethical production and responsible practices.

The earth is our home, and we honor the highest standards of fine jewelry production with the use of conflict-free diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones, and recycled precious metals. Our packaging consists of 100% recyclable materials.

With the inspiration we take from the Earth, we desire to honor what we use.

Timelessly everlasting

Each creation invokes the resiliency of the wearer and is cherished and celebrated for lifetimes.

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