I started to work with Kris, I believe in 2021, when I wanted to plan my proposal to my now spouse. As a nonbinary trans person in a nonbinary relationship, it was hard to find engagement rings that weren’t gendered or basic. I took a shot at Kris because I saw her designs through instagram and I fell in love with the storytelling design and uniqueness of her jewelry. Once we connected, not only was my instinct right about her being an avant-garde, unique, genderless jewelry designer, but she understood the importance of gender euphoric design. My spouse wanted simple but genderless uniqueness that represented their Mexican Native Americans heritage and Kris amplified that 3x more. They worked with me for a year to make the dream come true and even made a mission to meet me at my proposal spot in NYC to bring me the ring; I’m based in LA. Kris is not only the official jeweler for my family for life, but has become one of the most treasured family friends in our lives. Working with Kris is more than a transaction, but an emotional bond that you won’t get from any jeweler in the world. I recommend them as much as I can and always look forward to seeing them when I’m in town. 

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