Rainbow Moonstone: An Enchanting And Iridescent Gem

A guide to one of the most enchanting gemstones for custom jewelry

What is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is a type of mineral that exhibits a phenomenon called adularescence. This means that it has a milky white or blue sheen that changes color as the stone moves under different angles of light. The effect is similar to a rainbow or a moonbeam (hence the name).

Rainbow Moonstone has a hardness of a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it relatively soft compared to other gemstones. Because of this, it is susceptible to scratches from harder materials.

Rainbow moonstone is often confused with other types of moonstone (such as white moonstone or labradorite), but it has its own unique properties and appearance.

The image displays a collection of polished moonstone gemstones in various shapes and sizes, including spheres, ovals, and faceted cuts. The stones exhibit a characteristic pearly and opalescent sheen with hues of blue and white that shimmer across their surfaces. They are arranged around a larger, unpolished moonstone crystal which has a rough, natural appearance with translucent qualities and similar blue-white iridescence.

Why Choose It for Your Custom Design?

  • Rainbow moonstone is stunning and affordable. It features an iridescence that catches the eye and adds a touch of magic to any outfit. The stone is easy to find in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts, and is relatively affordable compared to other gemstones (making it a great option for budget-conscious buyers).
  • Rainbow moonstone is associated with feminine energy, intuition, creativity, and protection. Some believe that it can balance emotions, promote harmony, and enhance psychic abilities. It is the birthstone for June, and is linked to the zodiac sign Cancer (an intuitive and emotionally aware sign ruled by the Moon).

What to Consider When Purchasing

  • Rainbow moonstone can range from clear to opaque, and from white to blue. The more transparent and blue the stone, the more valuable it is considered. However, some people prefer the cloudy or milky look, as it adds more mystery and depth to the stone.
  • The cut of the stone affects how the light reflects and refracts. Rainbow moonstone can be cut into many different shapes, such as round, oval, pear, marquise, cushion, and more. You can choose the shape and cut that suits your personality and taste.
  • The metal can enhance or contrast with the shine of the stone, creating very different styles. Oftentimes, white metal will make rainbow moonstone pop, but it can be set in any type of metal, such as silver, gold, platinum, or rose gold (depending on your taste).

Interesting Facts

  • Rainbow moonstone was first discovered in Sri Lanka, where it is still mined today. It is also found in India, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and other countries.
  • The stone was revered by ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Indians, who believed that it was a sacred stone that captured the essence of the moon and its goddesses.
  • Rainbow moonstone was used as a talisman for travelers, sailors, and lovers, who believed that it would protect them from danger, guide them to their destination, and attract their soulmates.
  • It was a favorite of Art Nouveau and Art Deco artists and designers, who used it to create stunning jewelry and decorative pieces that reflected the aesthetic and spirit of their times.
The image is a digital artwork that depicts a surreal and fantastical scene. At the center is a large figure with multiple arms, reminiscent of Hindu deities, with a serene expression and eyes closed. The figure’s head is replaced by an open portal showing a rainbow and clouds, suggesting a connection to higher consciousness or spiritual realms. Surrounding this central figure are several smaller figures that appear to be in various poses of dance or offering.

Our Recommendation for Rainbow Moonstone in Custom Jewelry Designs

Captivating and Rich with Symbolism

Rainbow Moonstone’s play of colors (especially in different lighting conditions) gives it a magical and celestial quality reminiscent of the moon’s light. The stone's connection to the moon adds a mystical dimension, and its versatile cuts and colors allow you to customize it for your unique design.

Soft and Prone to Scratches

As a gemstone with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, Rainbow Moonstone is softer than some other stones. To prevent scratches, you should avoid wearing it alongside harder materials or during activities where it might get bumped or hit. Moonstone can be prone to chipping or breaking upon impact.

We adore Rainbow Moonstone’s magical moon-like glow. If you seek an iridescent gemstone that displays a beautiful array of colors, we highly recommend rainbow moonstone over opal (which is even softer). With a touch of care, it becomes an excellent choice for your jewelry.

If you really love the majestic shine, opal is an even more colorful alternative. However, keep in mind that it is even more fragile and must be treated with the utmost of care.

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