Create Eye-Catching Ring Stacks with 5 Simple Steps

Ring stacking is in, and we totally get it. Stacking and layering is a great way to showcase your style and show off your collection. You’ve worked hard for those rings, so why not show them off?

While there are no hard and fast rules, we know it can be difficult to get started. We’ve identified some simple steps to follow if you get stuck creating your own statement ring stack or layered ring armor. We truly believe any ring can make a great addition, so experiment with your style and have fun mixing and matching!

 Kris Averi Ring, showcasing accents, centerpiece, and fillers

1. Identify a centerpiece ring as the focal point. Pick a ring that has distinctive features and can stand out. This could be a ring with a wider band, larger stones, or details that feel like a statement. It’s often a ring you might wear solo, since it really captures the eye on its own. This ring will be the focal point and help center the ring set.


2. Pick simpler filler rings for height. These rings are usually minimal in design. They can be slimmer plain bands, infinity rings with stones, or textured bands. Don’t be afraid of diamonds and gemstones as fillers – these can add extra bling to your stack. The idea is that the filler ring designs should be simple and consistent (so they don’t draw too much attention away from the centerpiece).


3. Select accent rings to highlight your centerpiece. Use these rings to give extra volume and draw attention back to your focal point. These rings can feature designs or motifs that mirror your focal point, or they could be shaped to highlight the centerpiece ring (chevron, half-moon, and curved rings are great accent rings). We love to arrange these pieces so that the shape is facing outward (either up or down) on the stack to provide an extra edge for our ring armor.


4. There are no rules! Switch it up and play around with different styles and looks. You might be surprised at how two rings typically not worn together could work well in a unique stack. And variety is key: you can stack many rings together on one finger like ring armor or wear a few smaller sets across different fingers.


5. Be Daring. It’s ok to mix metals (yellow, white, and rose gold) and gemstones (white, grey, and black diamonds, or rubies, sapphires, and emeralds). Play around with color to accentuate certain styles and designs. Mix satin, polish, or hammered finishes to create more contrast and textured layers for your unique ring sets. Or, instead of picking one ring, use stacked filler rings to create a unique centerpiece and focal point. It’s your style – anything goes!


Explore the stackable ring collection to see how we stack our designs and make your very own set. Remember that each Kris Averi design can be altered by request for your desired metal type, gemstones, and design details. And don’t forget to share your favorite rings stacks and tag us at @kris.averi!


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