2021 Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2021 Gift Guide!
We've featured a few of our favorites from our collection under $500. When searching through the under $500 Gifts, keep in mind that you can switch what metal, chains, or gemstones options on the product itself.
Our favorite necklaces for gifts are the Luna Stella Charm and Luna Necklace. Luna Stella features a little star charm and the Luna Necklace features a slim beveled edge in a minimal design. 
Another stellar necklace Stella Necklace featuring a star pendant inspired by the North Star
Harder line ring bands that make good gifts are the following!
Hydra Band Large: 
Hydra Band
Abyss Band
Clotho Ring
Talos Ring 
Verso Ring in both solid sterling silver and with black diamonds
Necklaces for everyday wear and style! 
Arcus in black diamond and silver
Talos Necklace in either black or white diamonds
Hexi in Black Diamond
Kristl Pendant in Sterling Silver and Black Spinel
Stacker Rings
These make a great addition to your set! They are the classic, timeless, and make the perfect addition to any ring sets.
Radix II Nil
Aitna Ring, inspired by the peak of a mountain top
Caulis Ring inspired the the thorns of a rose
The Astro Ring in Sterling Silver
Vitis Studs Single
Koro Ear Climber Single, inspired by the comets across the sky.
Talos Studs in Sterling Silver with your choice of white or black diamonds.
Acies Lux Single in Sterling Silver, and black diamond channel set hoops. Single is under $500.
Acies Hydra in Sterling Silver with a hydra texture on the outside. 
The classic Vitis Hoops
Vitis Hoops
Statements Pieces
Vitis Ear Cuff in Sterling Silver or Brass
Also custom requests are always welcome! Email jewelry@krisaveri.com with any questions you have.
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