A little bit about me - Being a Warrior

Happy Warrior Wednesday! What’s a warrior anyway? It's a brave or experienced fighter who stands up for what they believe in and aren't afraid to fight for it. They take a stand. In a more peaceful way, it makes me think of the warrior pose in yoga. There's power with the flow with an edge of fierceness. 

As a child I was always fascinated by the arts from painting, to sculpture, and sketching which lead me to my first jewelry making class. I instantly fell in love and knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life was to create jewelry. After going to art school I worked in the jewelry industry after working for a few years decided to take the leap into my true calling which is doing what I do now! Running my own jewelry business!

In this journey, I’ve been honored to work with incredible clients, work to create fine jewelry experiences, and continue to learn and grow doing what I love. One thing I love is not only the aspect of making jewelry but the bigger part of it to me is about connecting people together through it on what it means to the couples that I work with. When making engagement and wedding rings, to me it’s about the celebration of love bringing two people together in life.

Making jewelry, especially engagement rings is my stand for love. As a queer business owner, equality is imperative to the experience of the brand as a whole. Love is to be celebrated as it is truly one-of-a-kind for the couple. 

Some fun facts about me!

My favorite animal is a wolf and my hobbies include exploring art museums, hiking outside in nature, taking care of my plants and my cat Saber, to sketching or reading a good book. I love to live authentically and am constantly on the hunt for what that means in my own personal life and as a designer with my creations. 

With Love,



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