Aquamarine, Birthstone of March



Aquamarine, the stone that lets you lose yourself with thoughts of warm waters and tropical dreams.

Very fitting to its colors, Aquamarine comes from the Latin terms for “water of the sea”. This uniquely colored stone can be found across the globe from the Americas to Asia. Originally called “sea-green beryl” has been referenced in 3000-year-old writing dating to Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Sumerian cultures.

Aquamarine was believed to being calm seas and safety to sailors throughout history. It was also believed to give protection against adversaries, make the wearer invincible, and quick thinking. This gem is also known to be given as a 19th wedding anniversary gift.

Custom Aquamarine Re-Design made by Kris Averi in 18k White Gold

Spiritual Meanings

March’s gemstone shares a connection to the throat and heart chakras facilitating both the speaking of inner truth and relieving stress. As a stone of the water element, Aquamarine facilitates a cleansing calm feeling. It can sooth you both mentally in physically from hot flashes to anger and bring you in touch with your spirits deepest emotions and unconscious desires. Aquamarine can help you connect to your deepest truths and, fitting for Women’s History month, assists one in connecting with the divine feminine.


Color & Materials

The stone forms in igneous rock, and while pure beryl is a colorless, when traces of iron are introduced, it produces the many beautiful shades of Aquamarine. While clearer light blue gems and those with more even coloring are more highly valued, giving truth to its name Aquamarine resembles sea waters in its many forms and colors.

Aquamarines color variants are known as: Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Deep Blue, Double Blue, Santa Maria, Greenish Blue, and Green Blue. Being a part of the beryl mineral group, its hue’s range from a light blue to a deeper at times greenish blue. The most sought-after color is the Santa Maria, who’s name originated from where the specific color stone was mined, Santa Maria de Itabira, Brazil, but now refers to the color itself as it has been found in other places. Aquamarine has been mined in Brazil, Pakistan, several countries across Africa, China, the Ukraine, and the United States, to name a few.


Cleaning & Care

This Semi-precious stone has a Mohs Hardness scale rating of 7.5-8 making it durable and scratch resistant. This blue gem is sensitive to sunlight so be mindful of sun exposure for long periods of time since this stone is susceptible to fading and cannot be changed back.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended, and steam cleaners should be avoided since this stone can be damaged under high pressure and heat.

Like most gemstones that are not diamond, sapphire, or ruby, the best at-home method of cleaning is using warm water mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush to scrub behind the Aquamarine where dirt can build. Let the stone sit in warm soapy water for 15-20 mins prior to taking a toothbrush to lightly brush away the dirt. Afterwards let it dry and take a soft lint-free cloth and wipe dry.

Keep your aquamarine away from other gemstones when storing to prevent scratching.

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