No to War

We at Kris Averi, wanted to contribute to the efforts to help in the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine. From 3/22-4/2 all the proceeds from the sales of 3 of our rings will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross and to the Free Russia Foundation.

All Sales of the Caulis Nil, Verso Nil, and Aitna Nil will benefit these nonprofits. You may choose between Sterling Silver, 14K Gold (White, Rose, or Yellow).


The Ukrainian Red Cross is working on the ground in the Ukraine to help those who are escaping the ongoing war and those who have been harmed and effected by it. They have been providing blood collection, mobilizing volunteers and resources, and other emergency activities (such as food, water, shelter, hygiene products, and more). This branch of the Red Cross works specifically in the Ukraine and has been providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people without discrimination to Nationality, Race, Religious Beliefs, Class, or Political Opinions.


The Free Russia Foundation is an international nonprofit that has been working supporting civil society and democratic development in Russia. With a headquarters in Washington DC, they have been working with the following goal listed on their website, “Our vision is a free, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Russia, reintegrated into the international community as a constructive and positive actor”. They have resources on their site speaking to how the Russian Government is silences protestors in its country, including those against the War in the Ukraine and are currently organizing busses in the Ukraine to assist those wishing to go to the border.


We are saying NO to this War by pledging to help both these organizations in their efforts to help those most in need.

We Stand Together.

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